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Re-route is approved!

Trail re-route around mud hole at mile 6.2

Workday date: October 24, 2009

Location: Mile 6.2 from Indian Springs trailhead

Time: 9 am

Note: Scheduled workdays will be completed based on access due to water release volume and weather conditions.

One of the unique aspects of working on Fordyce is the difficulty in sometimes just getting to the work area. Mile 6.2 is about as far in from any access point as any place on the trail so we will meet at the work location instead of meeting at the trailhead and driving in together. This way we will have a definite start time on site. Camping there the night before is suggested. Camping after the day's work is recommended so we can all celebrate the hard day's work with a complimentary BBQ.

We'll continue cutting the trail through the brush and in addition will be busting rock with the help of the TNF and their "Mega-buster!"

Water release is scheduled to be down to minimal for the October 24th workday.

As always, be prepared for the worst while traversing the Fordyce trail. Weather can change rapidly and breakdowns are always a possibility. Never plan on just a day trip. Always carry ample food, water, clothing and camping gear in case the unexpected occurs. Your rig should be equipped with a CB tuned to channel 40 for FOF communications. Cell service is available on the Fordyce trail in most locations so a charged up cell phone is a great emergency link.

If you are planning on attending the workday please e-mail me at Include whether you will be staying for dinner. We need to get a count for food. Remember, there will be a BBQ dinner courtesy of the FOF and BFG as well as numerous other indivdual contributers and of course NAXJA. We'll also provide gloves, safety glasses and loppers for the volunteers use.

We want to thank everyone in advance for considering this workday. We know it's late in the year, not a lot of notice, and time is at a premium these days.

Thank you,

Bret Preble

President-Friends of Fordyce



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